Winter storm in the USA: power outages, damaged vaccine, road accidents

Winter storm causes dangerous power outages in Texas

Deteriorating Weather In Texas Delays Delays In Delaying New Shipments Of COVID-19 Vaccine

A powerful winter storm swept across the United States, bringing with it heavy snowfall, ice and frost so severe that temperature records were set in some places..

From Texas to Maine, more than 140 million Americans are trapped in a historic storm that led to numerous power outages.

In total, more than 4 million US residents were left without electricity, including 2 million in Texas.

Law enforcement officials reported two men found dead in the Houston area. Causes of death are being identified, but authorities suspect they died of hypothermia.

Deteriorating weather conditions in Texas have delayed the delivery of new batches of COVID-19 vaccine. Drugs are now expected to arrive no earlier than mid-week.

Power outages in the Houston area affected the room containing 8,000 doses of Moderna vaccine, requiring special storage conditions. In this situation, the health authorities tried to urgently find those wishing to be vaccinated, while the authorities urged people to stay at home.

Ice on roads and record snowfalls in some states have led to massive road accidents, putting even more people at risk. In total, 12 people have died as a result of a winter storm in the United States in recent days..

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Winter storm in the USA: power outages, damaged vaccine, road accidents



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The National Weather Service predicts that the winter storm will move northeast on Tuesday, bringing with it snow, ice and frost..

15 to 30 centimeters of snow is expected from the middle Mississippi to the Ohio valleys and from the lower Great Lakes to northern New England.

The Weather Service also warned of new power outages and significant traffic disruptions in the southern Great Plains and “chilling freezing air” that could lead to “dangerous or life-threatening wind chills.”.

By Monday afternoon, there were reports of freezing rain in Nashville, sleet in Alabama, a possible snow tornado in Texas and the mobilization of emergency services in the east of the country..

In Memphis, the snowfall lasted 15 hours straight, resulting in more than 15 centimeters of snow..

In the southeastern states, tornadoes are being watched. Tornadoes, high winds and golf ball-sized hail are expected in parts of northwest Florida and south Alabama.

Snow fell Monday morning in eastern Texas, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. The perceived air temperature reached -26 degrees in Dallas and -32 in Kansas City.

The National Weather Prediction Center reported multiple temperature records set on Monday. So, in Oklahoma City, the temperature dropped to -21 degrees, and in Dallas to -15.

The weather affected the operation of airports throughout Texas. Over 760 flights canceled at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport over 3-day weekend.

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Winter storm in the USA: power outages, damaged vaccine, road accidents

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