US Returns to UN Human Rights Council as Observer

At the same time, Secretary of State Blinken stressed the need to reform the Council

The United States decided to return as an observer to the UN Human Rights Council, from which it withdrew in 2018, during the presidency of Donald Trump.

«The Biden administration has returned the United States to a foreign policy centered on democracy, human rights, and equality, – highlighted in a statement released on Monday by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken».

The Foreign Minister noted that the effective use of international instruments – an important part of this foreign policy concept.

«In this regard, the President instructed the State Department to immediately and decisively restore relations with the UN Human Rights Council.», – said in a statement by the head of American diplomacy.

«We are aware, – noted further in document, – that the Human Rights Council – an imperfect organization in need of reform in terms of agenda, membership and focus, including a disproportionate focus on Israel. However, our withdrawal (from the UN Human Rights Council – G.A.) in June 2018 did not contribute to significant changes».

US Returns to UN Human Rights Council as Observer

According to Blinken, the consequence of this step was, on the contrary,, «a leadership vacuum from the United States, which countries with authoritarian regimes have taken advantage of».

The Secretary of State stressed that «a well-functioning Human Rights Council» will help to identify the state of affairs in countries where the human rights situation is particularly difficult, and to become «an important forum for those fighting against injustice and tyranny».

«The Council can help promote fundamental freedoms around the globe, including freedom of speech and assembly, (freedom) of religion… and the fundamental rights of women, girls, LGBTQI + communities and other marginalized communities. To address the Council’s shortcomings and ensure that it operates as mandated, the United States must be in place, using our diplomatic leadership to the fullest.», – said Secretary of State Blinken.

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