US lawmakers demand from Russia to release Trevor Reed

Russia jails US ex-marine for 9 years over police assault | AFP

Former US Marine jailed on charges of assaulting police officers

House Foreign Affairs Committee chairpersons presented a resolution calling for Russia to release former U.S. Marine Trevor Reed, imprisoned in that country..

In late July, a Moscow court found a 29-year-old resident of the Texas city of Granbury guilty of assaulting two police officers and sentenced him to nine years in prison..

21 Texas congressmen, including both Republicans and Democrats, submitted a draft resolution to the Foreign Affairs Committee demanding that Russian President Vladimir Putin immediately release Reed.

The resolution was presented by the main Republican in the committee, Congressman Michael McCall and his fellow party member Mike Conway. The document was also supported by the leader of the Republican minority in the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy.

“The trumped-up charges against Trevor are clearly politically motivated,” lawmakers said. – His verdict is based on evidence so ridiculous that they were greeted with laughter in the courtroom, including from a Russian judge.

We call on the regime of Vladimir Putin to put an end to this test and immediately release Trevor, ”the lawmakers said..

Speaking at a press conference outside the Capitol after the resolution was introduced, McCall said: “I hope this serves as a powerful signal to the Putin regime that America will not stand by as Putin and his cronies keep American citizens as political pawns.”.

U.S. officials have suggested that Reed’s military background made him a target for the Russian authorities..

“Obviously, as soon as they learned that Trevor was a Marine, and a Marine at the embassy, ​​the Putin administration decided that they had a tool or pawn that they could use to achieve their goals,” Conway said at a press conference..

Reed’s mother, Paula Reed, said the last year was a “nightmare” for her.

US lawmakers demanded from Russia to release Trevor Reed

“He’s innocent,” she said.

The draft resolution calls on the US government to raise the issue of Reed in any contacts with Moscow and requires Russia to provide unrestricted consular access to him..

Asked if President Donald Trump was aware of the Reed case, McCall replied in the affirmative, adding that it had been raised to “presidential level.”.

Paula Reed called for the release of her son.

“We have nothing to do with the dispute between the US and Russia,” she said. “And I really need my son Trevor to come home to Texas so he can move on.”.

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US lawmakers demanded from Russia to release Trevor Reed

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