US helps Estonia avoid cyber threats from Russia

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Last fall, representatives of the American Cyber ​​Command conducted a joint operation with their Estonian counterparts, trying to prevent the risks posed by Moscow.

The US military sent cyber fighters to Estonia this fall to help the small Baltic state identify and block potential cyber threats from Russia. The goal was not only to help NATO partner Estonia have long been on the fly with its powerful neighbor, but also to gain an understanding of the tactics used by the Russians, which Moscow could also use against the United States and American elections.

This US Cyber ​​Command operation took place in Estonia from late September to early November, government officials from both countries said this week. Officials in Estonia said the operation did not reveal any malicious activity by Russia in cyberspace.

This mission, which has become an addition to the already carried out joint US and Estonian military operations on land and at sea, is a testament to the evolution of the tactics of the US Cyber ​​Command, which now not only responds to threats, but also pre-studies the activity of enemy states in order to block possible attacks. before they reach their goal.

The Department of Defense has been working to promote this more aggressive strategy in recent years, especially after it became known that Russia interfered in the US presidential election in 2016 through hacks and secret social media campaigns..

U.S. officials were on high alert for such interference in 2020, but elections held on November 3 did not reveal significant problems with foreign interference..

“When we assess the threats we face, whether from Russia or other adversaries, it’s really all about partnerships and our ability to actually scale up … and the pace of operations to make it harder for adversaries to operate in the United States. Estonia and other countries, ”General William Hartman of the US Cyber ​​Command told reporters this week..

US helps Estonia avoid cyber threats from Russia

Estonia became one of the first partners of Cyber ​​Command, also because in the past the former Soviet republic has repeatedly become a victim of hackers from neighboring Russia, including in 2007. Estonian authorities say they have since strengthened their cyber defenses, developed a cyber security strategy and established their own Cyber ​​Command, which, like the United States, is part of the country’s armed forces..

Although during the exercises, nothing harmful was found on the networks, “we learned how the United States conducts this kind of operation, which was definitely useful for us,” said Mihkel Tikk, Deputy Head of the Estonian Cyber ​​Command. bike”.

General Hartman declined to discuss the specifics of the operation, but told reporters that networks in Estonia are “very well protected.”.

US helps Estonia avoid cyber threats from Russia

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