US adjusts its policy towards Taiwan

Council Special Report: The United States, China, and Taiwan—A Strategy to Prevent War

Washington also declassified the so-called six guarantees telegrams Taiwan

The United States adjusts its policy on Taiwan and declassifies diplomatic correspondence on arms sales to Taiwan, while China raises pressure on Taipei.

As a senior State Department official said on Monday, the moves do not represent a change of political course, but part of a recruitment. «significant adjustments» in politics «one China», which Washington has long adhered to.

«The United States has long pursued a one-China policy. It differs from «one China principle», which Beijing adheres to: according to this principle, the Chinese Communist Party has sovereignty over Taiwan. US takes no position on Taiwan’s sovereignty», – David Stilwell, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and Pacific Affairs, said Monday at the Heritage Foundation.

Taiwan said it will continue to strengthen its defense capabilities, thanking the United States for its strong commitment to Taiwan’s security.

Chinese Officials Call on US to Stop Developing Relations with Taiwan.

U.S. and Taiwan kick off new bilateral economic dialogue after Taiwan announced plans to lift restrictions on U.S. pork and beef imports last week.

The United States also declassified two packages of diplomatic telegrams from 1982 on arms sales to Taiwan and on the so-called «six guarantees» Washington to Taiwan, which were considered a loosely guarded secret. China strongly opposes the sale of American weapons to Taiwan.

«This review of history is important because Beijing has a habit of distorting it.», – said Stillwell.

US adjusts its policy towards Taiwan

The content of one of the telegrams indicates that the main concern of the United States was the maintenance of peace in the Taiwan Strait. Therefore, the telegram stated that the quantity and quality of weapons supplied to Taiwan would depend entirely on the threat from China. The message ends with a guarantee that «US arms sales to Taiwan will continue», stated by the American Institute in Taiwan.

In accordance with «six guarantees», proposed by the administration of former US President Ronald Reagan, the United States did not agree to hold preliminary consultations with Beijing on arms sales to Taiwan, nor to take any position regarding sovereignty over Taiwan. The US also pledged that it would never pressure Taiwan to negotiate with Beijing..

While the United States is not setting new precedents in relations with Taiwan, experts say, the guarantees outlined in the declassified cables appear to be new..

«Six guarantees were rarely publicly mentioned, – notes the director of the China Power project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies Bonnie Glazer. – So this step is intended to increase their importance.».

According to Glazer, declassifying guarantees gives Washington «an opportunity to highlight your commitment to Taiwan and show that it is a reliable partner»

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