Ukraine introduced sanctions against three TV channels

Due to the sanctions the TV channels 112 Ukraine, ZIK, and News One stopped broadcasting in Ukraine

A ban on broadcasting, including on cable networks for&# 160; NewsOne,&# 160; ZIK&# 160; and 112.Ukraine introduced in connection with threats to the national security of Ukraine&# 160;

KIEV – Sanctions have been introduced in Ukraine against three all-Ukrainian TV channels, as well as People’s Deputy Taras Kozak.

As reported by the press service of the President of Ukraine on February 2, Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a relevant decree, which put into effect the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine dated February 2, 2021 “On the application of personal special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions)”.

Personal special economic and other restrictive measures will be applied, in particular, to a citizen of Ukraine Taras Kozak, and a number of legal entities, the message says..

Eight enterprises are named in the sanctions list published on the website of the leader of Ukraine closer to 23:00 local time on February 2.

The sanctions imposed have disabled the digital user networks of three TV companies – NewsOne, ZIK and 112. Ukraine, which have moved their broadcasting to the YouTube platform.

“The collegial and legally motivated decision on sanctions against individuals and legal entities was made immediately after specific grounds for this were fixed and discussed. I am grateful to the members of the National Security and Defense Council for a responsible and quick response, “the President of Ukraine noted. Vladimir Zelensky on your Facebook page.

He thanked the representatives of civil society for the fact that “they absolutely understood and supported the need for this decision by the NSDC”.

“Open and manipulative propaganda should receive a harsh reaction from society. The work of the Security Service also deserves special thanks. There is no doubt that all threats to the national security of Ukraine will receive an effective and legal response, “the leader of Ukraine said..

The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy will send to the YouTube company the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine regarding sanctions against the TV channels NewsOne, ZIK, 112 Ukraine with a request to close their pages.

According to the National Information Agency “Ukrinform”, the Minister of Culture and Information Policy announced this in Telegram. Alexander Tkachenko.

“The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy will send to the YouTube company the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine regarding sanctions against the TV channels NewsOne, ZIK, 112 Ukraine with a request to close their pages on YouTube,” wrote Alexander Tkachenko.

The United States supports Kiev’s actions to counter “malicious Russian influence.” This is stated in a statement by the US Embassy in Ukraine, according to the Ukrainian service of Radio Liberty..

“The United States supports the efforts to counter the malicious influence of Russia, made yesterday by Ukraine in defense of its sovereignty and territorial integrity and in accordance with Ukrainian law,” the message says..

Social Media Sanctions Assessment

The decision to authorize the work of three republican TV channels sparked a discussion on social networks and the press.

“I fully support your actions. You acted as a constitutional guarantor of sovereignty, in particular, informational. This is extremely important during hybrid wars, ”the political scientist said on Facebook. Alexander Paliy, in a commentary on the post of President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“The channels of Medvedchuk’s group have become an open weapon of the Russian information war against Ukraine. And in this war, Ukraine has the right and must defend itself, using all available tools for this, “said the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on Facebook..

“Ukrainian journalists, media and media owners have the right to freedom of speech and profession. And they are responsible for their activities. But responsibility is within the law. Depriving a multimillion audience of access to Ukrainian media out of court, banning hundreds of journalists and media professionals from the right to a profession is an attack on freedom of speech, ”said the chairman of the National Union of Journalists, Serhiy Tomilenko..

Sanctions and law

People’s Deputy of Ukraine from the OPZZ faction Oleg Voloshin notes violations and contradictory explanations for the imposition of sanctions.

“The decision of the NSDC contradicts the basic principles of the rule of law. Since, in principle, no country in the world is leading sanctions against its own citizens and their own legal entities. The sanctions mechanism was developed only against foreign citizens and legal entities – and why? Because the state guarantees to a citizen – individuals and legal entities the right to a fair trial and a verdict following the results of the trial, as well as to present their own position and counterarguments, ”Oleg Voloshin told the Voice of America correspondent.

He recalls that the “claims” to the TV channels, on the basis of which the sanctions were imposed, became known many hours after the publication of the presidential decree..

Ukraine introduced sanctions against three TV channels

“No charges were brought forward, the legal procedure was violated, neither the national regulator, which exists for this, the National Committee on Television and Radio Broadcasting, nor other legal mechanisms were used – with one stroke of the pen, the president closed three TV channels and imposed sanctions against a citizen of Ukraine, and a member of parliament “, – emphasizes Oleg Voloshin.

He calls this decision “a purely dictatorial act” and believes that in this way they can ban the activities of any publication, any editorial office..

According to the MP, there is every reason to believe that “the supporters of this decision understand that it will be overturned in Ukrainian and international courts.”.

Audience – about seven million viewers

General producer of TV channel 112. Ukraine Artem Marchevsky he calls sanctions against TV channels “the highest form of cynicism and political punishment”.

“This is a blow to the people of Ukraine. This is a spit at the people of Ukraine. The total audience of the three TV channels is about seven million viewers daily. Formation – that TV channels allegedly pose a threat to national security. When we talk about the fact that our tariffs are sky-high and ordinary citizens are talking about it – is this a threat to national security? When experts say that the president does not carry out pre-election communications – is this an understanding of national security? ” – says Artem Marchevsky to the correspondent of the Russian service “Voice of America”.

He notes that the team of media lawyers is already studying the current circumstances and is ready to apply to the courts of various instances..

“We will achieve, they will answer, this is a complete violation of the Constitution by the President of Ukraine. This is a violation of his powers, and this situation will form the basis of a criminal case, which, unlike the criminal cases against Petro Poroshenko, will definitely have its logical end, ”emphasizes Artem Marchevsky.

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