Ukraine congratulates Joe Biden and hopes to further improve relations with the United States

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American diplomats declare unwavering US support for Ukraine

KIEV – President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky expressed hope that relations between the United States and Ukraine will improve. He stated this on Twitter, noting that «oversees the inauguration of the new President of the United States in the new office on Bankova».

«I would be happy to invite Joe Biden to the well-known Kiev», – the leader of Ukraine emphasized.

In his microblog post, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmitry Kuleba noted that in «The Foreign Ministry began the day with a discussion of the next steps in relations between Ukraine and the United States».

«We plan to bring our strategic partnership to a qualitatively new level of trust and interaction in 2021», – emphasized the head of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine.

Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov greeted Joe Biden on social media with the entry into office: «I wish prosperity to the American people and every success to the new team!»

A number of Ukrainian politicians commented on the past inauguration of Joe Biden and posted photos of him on Facebook.

Third President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko congratulated Joe Biden and expressed his hope for «strengthening ties between the United States and Ukraine and working closely towards a safer and more prosperous world».

«I believe that in the person of the state you represent, Ukraine will always find understanding, support and solidarity», – noted Viktor Yushchenko.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk posted a photo with Joe Biden on his Facebook page and congratulated the President of the United States: «may the Lord help you. May the Lord protect our peoples», – noted Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Former President of Georgia and Ukrainian statesman Mikhail Saakashvili noted that he has known Joe Biden for over twenty years, congratulates him on his inauguration, wishes him success and the entire free world.

Former head of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine Pavel Klimkihe believes that during the presidency of Joe Biden «we have a chance to build […] a true partnership of trust with the United States and the basis for allies».

«This chance is definitely not to be missed. – it may be the last for our country», – emphasized Pavel Klimkin.

Joe Biden has visited Ukraine on several occasions as Vice President of the United States. During one of such visits in the first decade of December 2015, he spoke in the Verkhovna Rada.

During his speech to MPs and invited government officials, he spoke about the need to use international support to strengthen Ukrainian identity.

«The great poet Taras Shevchenko wrote a lot about this, demonstrating the spirit of Ukraine, urging Ukrainians to seek freedom: «And me in a great family, In a free, new family, Do not forget to remember, Kindly quiet word», – he read the last four lines from «Memories» (Will) Taras Shevchenko.

Perhaps sometime «kindly quiet word» will you remember me, summed up Joe Biden in December 2015 within the walls of the Ukrainian parliament.

Ukraine’s support will remain

The United States will remain steadfast in its support for Ukraine. Charge d’Affaires of the United States announced this on the occasion of the inauguration of the new US President Joe Biden on January 20. Christina Queen.

«As the newly elected president and his administration work to shape the domestic and foreign policy of the United States in the coming months, let me assure you of one thing: the United States will remain steadfast in its support for Ukraine to be rich, democratic and free, reliably protected within its internationally recognized borders, including Donbass and Crimea, and resilient against Russian aggression», – noted Christina Queen in a video message on the page of the United States Embassy in Ukraine.

Non-recognition of the capture of Crimea by Russia, the possibility of supplying weapons – «all this will continue under the Biden administration». This was stated in an interview with the Ukrainian Service «Radio Liberty» said the American diplomat and analyst, former special representative of the US State Department for Ukraine Kurt Volcker.

Ukraine congratulates Joe Biden and hopes to further improve relations with the United States

He assessed the policy of the United States of America towards Ukraine and its prospects during the administration of the previous President Donald Trump and the current head of state Joe Biden. Conversation with a correspondent «Radio Freedom» took place before joe Biden took office.

«[…] on Crimea, I do not see any prospects for the Biden administration to soften the policy on the peninsula, which was the policy of the Trump administration. It lies in the fact that there is not the slightest legitimacy that Russia has seized territory and claims to annex it. And I don’t see any change in the Biden administration in that. And this also means that the US sanctions will remain due to the seizure of Crimea by Russia, and this will help to preserve the European sanctions.», – said Root Walker.

He recalled that «the United States has huge bipartisan support for Ukraine, its sovereignty, territorial integrity, support for security, economic reforms, economic support, and so on».

Strategic relations Ukraine – USA

Earlier, in an interview with the TV channel «1 + 1», Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Igor Zhovkva noted the priorities of cooperation with the administration of the new President of the United States: in the field of supporting territorial integrity and the return of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, enhancing economic cooperation and combating corruption.

«First of all, this is US support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and, in particular, military assistance. This issue has been important for Ukraine under all US administrations. And the next defense budget provides for the same volumes of military assistance, and, which is very important, the financing of the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine has been increased. Of course, we proceed from the assumption that this issue will remain a priority for the new US administration.», – Igor Zhovkva emphasized, according to the press service of the leader of Ukraine on January 18.

In his congratulations on winning the presidential campaign in the United States, the fifth president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko noted that «Ukraine is lucky» cooperate with the President of the United States, «who knows our country so deeply and personally».

«With Ukraine’s strong bipartisan support to keep it strong, we look forward to the United States’ committed transatlantic leadership in securing the free world.», – noted Petro Poroshenko, accompanying his entry with a photograph of a handshake with Joe Biden at the entrance to the office of the President of Ukraine.

Mayor of Kiev on his Facebook page Vitaliy Klichko sincerely congratulated Joe Biden on his victory in the presidential elections in the United States.

«Joe Biden knows our country well and sympathizes with it. Therefore, I believe in the progress of partnership between our states. And in effective cooperation in Ukraine’s struggle for territorial integrity and the implementation of the necessary reforms and democratic transformations», – noted Vitali Klitschko.

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