Two sisters from Saudi Arabia fled to Georgia from persecution

The Saudi sisters on the run in Georgia

Sisters of Al-Subaye turned to the world community for help

Sisters from Saudi Arabia – Maha and Wafa Al-Subaye – on Wednesday, via Twitter, we turned to the world community with a request for help and protection. According to the sisters, their lives will be in danger if they are forced to return to their homeland..

The girls claim that they are now in Georgia. On April 16, the Al-Subaye sisters tweeted as @GeorgiaSisters.

«We’re in danger. We need your support to get our voice across. We want protection. We need a country … (which) will accept us and protect our rights. Please help us», – says one of the tweets posted by the sisters since yesterday.

Maha, 28, and Wafa, 25, tweeted photos of their Saudi passports, seeking protection from the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

Two sisters from Saudi Arabia fled to Georgia from persecution

The sisters initially stated that they ended up in Georgia after the Saudi Arabian government revoked their passports. They also claimed that their relatives are now trying to return them to their homeland. Later, the sisters abandoned this version of events, tweeting about their «confusion».

The Georgian Interior Ministry said that the sisters did not apply to them for asylum or other help. The UNHCR office in Georgia said that they are closely monitoring the situation and confirmed that the sisters are indeed in the country now. At the same time, the agency refused to disclose other information, citing the confidentiality of such data..

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