Trump pokes fun at Bloomberg, whose campaign is gaining momentum

President Donald Trump Goes After ‘Mini Mike’ Bloomberg At Campaign Rally | NBC News

The president said he would prefer to see Bloomberg as his rival, not Sanders

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is becoming an increasingly visible participant in the fight for the presidential nomination from the Democratic Party, which has not gone unnoticed by President Donald Trump, who began to criticize him..

Bloomberg’s name was absent from the lists of participants in the first two polls in Iowa and New Hampshire. He will also not run in the Nevada and South Carolina primary. However, Bloomberg has spent more than $ 300 million of his own money on television advertising and recruited employees in 14 states, which will vote on the so-called “Super Tuesday,” March 3, and other states in the hope of winning the hearts of Democratic voters..

Trump tweeted Bloomberg on Thursday. “Mini-Mike Bloomberg is a loser who has money, but who does not know how to debate and has absolutely no charisma, you will see,” the president wrote. “He reminds me of a scaled-down version of the sickly Jebb Bush, but at least he has more political experience and has a better relationship with the African American community.”.

“Mini-Mike is a 160-centimeter zero-energy bunch. He shouldn’t get involved in debates with professional politicians, ” Trump tweeted in another tweet. – He hates Mad Bernie and, with enough financial investment, he may be able to stop him. Bernie’s supporters will go crazy! ”

Senator Bernie Sanders received the most votes in Iowa and New Hampshire, but more moderate voters consider him too liberal to successfully oppose Trump..

Speaking to reporters at the White House on Wednesday, Trump said: “Honestly, I would rather fight Bloomberg over Bernie Sanders, because Sanders has real followers, whether you like him or not. whether you agree with him or not. I personally think that what he says is terrible, but he has followers. “.

Bloomberg, whose height is actually 170, not 160 centimeters, after another ridicule from Trump said: “Where it matters, I am twice his height. This is what happens when candidates like me gain rankings. The rest of the candidates are suddenly scared. I think Donald Trump knows that I can beat him. That is why he allows himself such comments addressed to me “.

“We know… a lot of people in New York,” Bloomberg continued. – Behind you, they laugh at you and call you a clown. They call you a clown clown. They know you inherited a fortune and squandered it through stupid deals and incompetence. “.

“I have the reputation and resources to defeat you. And I will do it, ”Bloomberg added..

Moderate Democrat Pete Buttigieg in the first two states came close to Sanders, and in New Hampshire the third place was taken by Senator Amy Klobuchar, who also adheres to the moderate views. Two other candidates – Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden – hope to improve their performance in the following states.

Trump pokes fun at Bloomberg, whose campaign is gaining momentum

Sanders and Klobuchar criticize Bloomberg for using his fortune to get a nomination.

“Look Bloomberg, everyone in America has the right to run for president,” Sanders said this week. “But I don’t think that in a democratic society you have the right to buy the presidency.”.

He added: “It’s absurd that there is a person among the nominees who is willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on TV ads, but at the same time he did not do what the rest of the Democrats do. He did not meet with voters in Iowa or New Hampshire, Nevada or South Carolina. These states are not important enough for him. “.

Klobuchar recently tweeted: “I don’t think people look at whoever is in the White House and think,“ Can we have someone richer? ” They need a person who understands them “.

Trump pokes fun at Bloomberg, whose campaign is gaining momentum

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