Trump at a meeting with residents of Philadelphia said he did not downplay the danger of COVID-19

W.H. Press Secretary McEnany defends against allegations Donald Trump downplayed Covid-19 danger

In turn, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden accused Donald Trump of inaction during the fight against the pandemic

President Donald Trump on Tuesday denied claims he downplayed the danger of the coronavirus earlier this year, saying he «beat» this question is in terms of action. Trump said this during an hour and a half meeting with Philadelphia residents, hosted by ABC News and aired on Tuesday night. This was reported by the USA Today newspaper..

During the program, which aired on ABC in the recording, voters were able to ask questions of concern to the president..

«I am not understating (the significance of the coronavirus). In fact, I played it on in many ways in terms of action.», – Trump said in response to a question about his interview with journalist Bob Woodward in March, during which the president said he knew about the much greater danger and infectiousness of the coronavirus compared to the influenza virus, but continued to compare the two. Trump explained this by reluctance to create panic among Americans.

According to Reuters, Donald Trump also promised that the COVID-19 vaccine will be available in three to four weeks..

Trump landed in Philadelphia shortly before 5:00 p.m. US East Coast time. The voter meeting was recorded at the National Constitutional Center, moderated by host George Stephanopoulos.

Trump at a meeting with residents of Philadelphia said he did not downplay the danger of COVID-19

The program aired two weeks before Trump took part in his first debate with Democratic nominee Joe Biden..

Ahead of Trump’s meeting with Philadelphia residents, Joe Biden made a statement criticizing the incumbent..

«After four years of bad leadership and unfulfilled promises from President Trump, Philadelphia residents are seeing who this president is. Trump let Pennsylvania down when he pledged to return jobs by only implementing a tax scam that benefited the super-rich and top executives. He failed Pennsylvania when he deliberately misled the American people and refused to act to stop the COVID-19 pandemic, which has claimed the lives of nearly 8,000 Pennsylvania residents. And he failed Pennsylvania by allowing the pandemic to erode the economic well-being of millions and drive the state’s unemployment rate to its highest level in decades.», – Biden said

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