The world is fighting a pandemic

COVID-19: Fighting a Pandemic (NHK Documentary)

Wuhan Discharges COVID Patients From Hospitals, New York Pharmacies To Be Tested

World countries plan to restart their economies, despite fears of new outbreaks of coronavirus

All COVID-19 Patients Discharged From Hospitals In Wuhan – the city from which the virus spread throughout the world. Chinese officials said on Sunday.

Wuhan accounted for about half of all cases in China. In January, the city was severely quarantined and effectively cut off from the rest of the country. Although many restrictions have been eased, local residents are still regularly tested for coronavirus..

Meanwhile, most of the world’s population is forced to comply with restrictions on leaving home to curb the pandemic..

However, in Spain, authorities have allowed children to go outside since Sunday. – for the first time in six weeks. During this period, only adults could leave their homes for urgent shopping, but now they can be accompanied by children. Such walks can last no more than an hour, and children are prohibited from contact with other children..

Spain leads in the number of doctors infected with COVID-19, according to a new report from the European Center for Disease Control. The report says that healthcare workers account for 18 percent of all cases in the country. For comparison, in Italy this figure is 10 percent, and in the USA – 3 percent.

Spain has the second highest number of detected infections, after the United States.

New Yorkers will soon be able to get a coronavirus test at a local pharmacy, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Saturday..

According to him, 5 thousand pharmacies will be able to conduct tests, and the goal is to reach the level of 40 thousand tests per day..

In addition, doctors at four New York hospitals working with COVID-19 patients will undergo tests for antibodies to the virus, the governor said..

New York City is the epicenter of the virus outbreak in the United States.

WHO warned on Saturday that «no evidence», that patients who have recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies in their blood are immune to reinfection.

In total, according to Johns Hopkins University, 2.8 million cases of the disease are registered in the world. More than 200 thousand people have died.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was previously diagnosed with COVID-19, is expected to return to work on Monday.

India, home to one of the world’s toughest quarantines, has allowed some local stores to resume operations, but not in the hardest hit cities.

South Korea Says No More Than 20 New Infections For Ninth Day In A Row.

Countries around the world are taking action to restart their economies, despite fears of new outbreaks.

Iran, which has been hit hardest by the coronavirus from the Middle East, warned on Saturday «new outbreak» at the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

According to Tehran’s statements, there is «signs of a new outbreak» in the northern and central provinces, where the authorities «made huge efforts to control the epidemic».

Previously, Iran began to reopen a business that was closed on April 11 due to the virus.

Other countries have developed plans to ease travel restrictions and reopen businesses. Among them, the United States, which holds sad records for both detected infections and the number of deaths.

The state of Georgia is at the center of the debate about the end of the quarantine, which has forced hundreds of millions of people to stay at home.

The world is fighting a pandemic

Georgia on Friday became the first US state to undertake a large-scale effort to restart the economy by allowing some non-essential service companies to resume operations. «on a limited basis». Companies were allowed to reopen until April 30, when the month-long shutdown ends, despite warnings from some elected officials that it could trigger a new outbreak..

Oklahoma allowed some retail stores to reopen on Friday, and Florida opened some beaches to visitors a week ago. South Carolina loosened some restrictions on Monday, and other states plan to do so next week.

US President Donald Trump spoke out against «discoveries» Georgia, although previously supported him. In doing so, he is committed to restarting the American economy in a shorter time frame than many health experts recommend..

The Congressional Budget Office says the economic hardship caused by the coronavirus in the United States will continue into the next year..

The US government estimates that the US budget deficit will almost quadruple this year. – from 1 to 3.7 trillion dollars, and the unemployment rate will rise from 3.5 percent in February to 16 percent in September. Unemployment is expected to decline thereafter, but will still be in double digits in 2021.

Trump refused to hold a daily coronavirus briefing on Saturday. He wrote in «Twitter», what is it «not worth the time and effort».

«What is the point of holding press conferences at the White House when pseudo-mainstream media only ask hostile questions, and then refuse to report the truth or facts for sure», – said the president.

Reporters have repeatedly asked the president questions about his suggestion that the coronavirus can be cured by taking household cleaning products. Representatives of health authorities and manufacturers of such products strongly disagreed with this..

The International Monetary Fund and other organizations estimate that developing countries will be hit hardest by the coronavirus epidemic.

UN food agency predicts some 265 million people could face extreme hunger this year – this is twice as much as in the past.

Meanwhile, UN Secretary-General António Guterres has called on governments around the world to ensure that health services are accessible to all and to ensure that economic aid is allocated to the most affected populations.

The world is fighting a pandemic

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