The vaccine is not a guarantee, but the key to solving the problem

American doctors on a new stage in the fight against coronavirus and expectations from the start of vaccination in the coming weeks

Against the backdrop of another surge in coronavirus infection, many US states are introducing new restrictions, such as a California curfew or a partial lockdown for businesses in Nevada. Doctors, meanwhile, are sounding the alarm, complaining about the increasing workload of hospitals and comparing the current situation with the beginning of a pandemic..

«If now we have 12 million infected, then at the end of January there will be 20 million infected, that is, in December-January we will receive an additional 8 million. This is a huge increase that will happen very quickly, – says on the air of the interactive discussion of the Russian Service «Voices of America» surgeon from Cleveland, head of the Association of Russian-speaking doctors in America Boris Vinogradsky. – We need a change in the mentality of the entire population, because, unfortunately, people of all ages are dying – men, women, children, old people. You just need to change your behavior».

Boris Vinogradsky

According to Vinogradsky, since the number of positive tests for coronavirus is growing faster than before, and the number of infected due to a large number of contacts is growing exponentially, the second wave of the pandemic has already begun..

Research Fellow at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, Cardiologist Alexander Ivanov, who, at the height of the pandemic, was a resident doctor at Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn and himself had a coronavirus, considers current attempts to slow the spread of the virus to be one of the crucial.

«If the entire US medical system is under such stress as in the first months of the pandemic, then the death rate will be much higher. In states such as Utah and Virginia, there is not a single intensive care bed available, patients are transferred to other states. Now let’s pretend that this will be the case everywhere. And this is one of the reasons that such an uncontrolled spread of the virus occurs. One of the problems is that it is extremely difficult to localize this virus.», – says Ivanov.

He also notes that with the onset of winter time, the transmission of airborne viruses, including COVID-19, is intensifying:

«This is undoubtedly the reason for this explosive growth. In the summer months, the numbers of infected remained quite high, and the number of people who were sick, were not tested and did not know about it, was even greater. Given that most cases are asymptomatic or low-symptomatic, as shown by many models, about 3 million people do not know that they have coronavirus».

Alexander Ivanov

At the same time, as Boris Vinogradsky adds, despite the fact that the coronavirus spreads by airborne droplets, like the influenza virus, in fact, COVID-19 is not a disease of the upper respiratory tract, but a vascular disease..

«And now they began to treat him in a completely different way compared to what was at the very beginning. Previously, when a patient was admitted with a low concentration of oxygen in the blood, immediately according to all protocols, he had to be intubated. And it was the most lethal intervention – mortality rates among patients who entered the intensive care unit and were intubated were very high. Now they try to keep patients off the ventilator as long as possible. In addition, patients are placed on their stomach, thus redistributing blood circulation in the lungs.», – the head of the Association of Russian-speaking doctors in America explains the changes in approaches to the treatment of coronavirus.

Alexander Ivanov from Wake Forest University also highlights the fatigue of people who have been living in fear for 8-9 months, and at the same time a lack of understanding of how truly lethal the virus is and how difficult it is to treat it even now..

«Let’s be honest, the leading cause of death in 2020 in the 25-44 age group — it’s a coronavirus. That is, imagine, these are young people, and even in this population group, the leading cause of death is coronavirus infection. I do not want to scare anyone, these are the data we have, they are objective. Everyone makes their own choice», – emphasizes the specialist.

The vaccine is not a guarantee, but the key to solving the problem

US Chief Medical Officer Jerome Adams, before Thanksgiving, which was celebrated on Thursday, called on Americans «have a little patience» before the start of vaccination, which is just around the corner. Moncef Sloughi, head of the White House COVID-19 vaccination program, which the White House gave its name to “Operation Supersonic speed”, stated that vaccination of the first groups of the population at risk, including health workers and the elderly, could begin as early as December 11. Quote: «Our plan is to ship vaccines to immunization sites within 24 hours of their approval».

As you know, on December 10, the expert council of the federal regulatory agency FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) will consider an application for registration of a vaccine from Pfizer. The American pharmaceutical giant said earlier that the developed vaccine is 95 percent effective, does not cause serious side effects and has shown after the final analysis of the 3rd phase of clinical trials that it is able to protect the elderly who are most at risk of infection.

«It should be understood that these vaccines do not guarantee that you cannot become asymptomatic. That is, a person can still have this infection and, most likely, he can infect others, although this probability will decrease by an order of magnitude, says Alexander Ivanov. – Even after the vaccine appears, you will still need to wear masks for some time and follow all the recommendations that are now available. The vaccine is the key to ensuring that the health care system can handle so that people don’t die and that the coronavirus turns into a mild cold».

The number of people infected with coronavirus worldwide since the beginning of the pandemic surpassed 60 million this week, of which almost 13 million are infected in the United States, including more than 262,000 who have died. US chief infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci, a member of the White House working group on countering coronavirus, said in a podcast of Microsoft founder Bill Gates that with the start of vaccinations, humanity will return to normal life gradually, but we should realize that the current pandemic itself will not end.

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The vaccine is not a guarantee, but the key to solving the problem

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