The number of victims of COVID-19 in the United States is approaching 100 thousand

Understanding the magnitude of the U.S. coronavirus death toll

In the meantime, Brazil is becoming a new focus of the disease.

The death toll from coronavirus in the United States is expected to reach 100,000 in a few days. In this regard, the New York Times published on the front page of the Sunday edition a list of the deceased with short personal information about them, gleaned from the local media..

According to Johns Hopkins University, as of Sunday, the number of deaths from coronavirus in the United States exceeded 97 thousand. At the same time, the total number of detected cases of infection in the world exceeded 5.3 million, and the number of deaths exceeded 342 thousand..

China, where the epidemic began, said no new cases were detected in the country on Saturday. – for the first time since China started publishing daily statistics in January.

Countries around the world are trying to find a balance between human security and the resumption of economic activity. In various countries, mass celebrations on the occasion of the end of the holy month of Ramadan for adherents of Islam have been banned. Crowding is limited in the United States due to Memorial Day on Monday, when millions of Americans traditionally traveled to beaches and national parks..

The United States remains the epicenter of the pandemic, with 1.6 million infections, nearly a third of all cases worldwide..

The second place is taken by Brazil with 347 thousand infected, followed by Russia (about 336 thousand cases).

«In a sense, South America has become the new epicenter of the disease., – said WHO emergency director Michael Ryan. – Obviously, Brazil is suffering the most right now.».

Brazilian health secretary Wanderson de Oliveira announced that he would be stepping down from Monday. He had already resigned in April, but remained in office at the request of Health Minister Luis Mandetta, who was fired shortly after by the President of Brazil..

Brazil’s Ministry of Health is at odds with President Jair Bolsonaro, who rejected advice from health experts to protect the economy.

The number of victims of COVID-19 in the United States is approaching 100 thousand

Brazil and Mexico have reported record incidence rates on an almost daily basis over the past week, bolstering critics accusing their presidents of not imposing tough quarantine measures..

However, in Chile, Ecuador and Peru, which introduced severe restrictive measures at the early stages of the epidemic, the incidence continues to grow, overloading intensive care wards..

Meanwhile, in Europe, some beaches are starting to open up for domestic tourism. The beaches in La Grande-Motte in southern France opened on Sunday with a two-day waiting list. At the same time, parks in Paris remain closed..

Residents of Germany will be able to visit the Baltic Sea coast from Monday.

Several dozen people gathered on Sunday in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican to receive the traditional papal blessing for the first time in nearly three months. Pope Francis has previously handled virtual messages from his library

The number of victims of COVID-19 in the United States is approaching 100 thousand

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