The failures of Russian propaganda as a mirror of the Kremlin’s policies

Experts – rating of the most odious fakes spread by Russia,&# 160; identified by the European project EUvsDisinfo 

Information project of the European Commission EUvsDisinfo published a rating of the most notable failures of Russian propaganda in the past year. The project aims to expose fake news spread by the pro-Kremlin media.

Used in this case «lies, manipulation and outright nonsense» became, according to the authors of the study, habitual propaganda attributes and part of an attack on democracy.

The first place in the rating is given to the situation related to the poisoning of opposition politician Alexei Navalny during his trip to Tomsk. The researchers named this story «a great disgrace for the Russian state», emphasizing that the failure of the operation revealed a complete lack of professionalism not only of the performers, but also of all those who tried to present the incident in a favorable light for the Kremlin, which directly related to the media support of the incident.

Andrey Kolesnikov: «Putting fake theses against real facts is always very uncomfortable»

Program manager «Russian domestic politics and political institutions» Carnegie Moscow Center Andrey Kolesnikov comments for the Russian Service «Voices of America» Regarding the rating published by EUvsDisinfo, he noted that Moscow is now on the defensive and it is necessary to speak rather not about propaganda, but counter-propaganda. According to him, the events of last year exposed the internal kitchen, first of all, not so much the civil administration as the FSB..

«The Russian propaganda machine today attacks to a greater extent, defending itself, – he stated. – These are counterattacks, and, accordingly, a greater degree of non-recognition of facts exposing the policies of the Kremlin and the FSB, rather than some traditional products of disinformation. And to put forward false theses against real facts is always very uncomfortable for both the propaganda machine and for the journalists working for this machine.».

It is also eloquent about the arguments given by experts and statesmen – from Lavrov, Peskov to Putin, who commented on the situation with Navalny, Andrei Kolesnikov emphasized. In his opinion, all this suggests that propagandists were forced to oppose fakes to facts for lack of other choice..

«However, a certain effect is thereby achieved, as we see from sociological surveys,, – he specified. – The majority of public opinion is not ready to agree that the poisoners and murderers represent the state. But this happens precisely because a protective psychological mechanism is triggered.».

For all that, the degree of effectiveness of propaganda remains quite high, if we take into account the target audience of the Kremlin, the program manager summed up «Russian domestic politics and political institutions» Carnegie Moscow Center.

Alexander Ryklin: «Quite a large number of people have been poisoned by the poison of propaganda»

The failures of Russian propaganda as a mirror of the Kremlin's policies

In turn, the editor-in-chief «Daily journal» Alexander Ryklin believes that the propaganda machine in Russia has been operating in the usual manner lately. At the same time, in his opinion, in 2020 this process, due to various circumstances, concentrated, and a lot was spilled out..

«The clearest example of this – the story with Navalny, – added by the interlocutor «Voices of America». – The story received an international resonance, and the whole world was outraged by the reaction to it of the Kremlin and all its institutions, resources, TV channels. In fact, every year the picture becomes more and more obvious, hence their monstrous failures (in the field of propaganda)».

In light of the new revelations prepared by Bellingcat, the story of Alexei Navalny will undoubtedly receive its logical continuation, Alexander Ryklin is sure: «The Kremlin will again have to react to all this and involve Solovyov and Kiselev (TV presenters of federal channels – V.V.), and we will again listen to all this nonsense. Nothing else is left for them. For any episodes, they will all also pointlessly, pitifully and insignificantly lie.».

Official propaganda does not work at all on people who are aware of events, discuss them on social networks and visit various advanced sites, the journalist believes. Nevertheless, it seems to him that this misinformation still bears some fruit..

«Quite a large number of people are poisoned by the poison of propaganda, they managed to get their heads confused, – he reasons. – The point here, however, is not only that some part of the population believes or does not believe in the attempt to poison Navalny in Russia, but also that some consider it permissible for the state to use such methods. They are aware that the Russian secret police tried to kill the opposition, but they seem to delegate such rights to her.».

And this is a much bigger problem, the editor-in-chief concluded. «Daily journal».

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