The court left Alexey Navalny in custody

Russian court orders Alexei Navalny to prison, igniting protests, global condemnation

The oppositionist is convinced that the authorities are demonstratively disregarding the law in relation to him&# 160;

The Moscow Regional Court rejected the appeal of the lawyers of the Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny against the decision of the visiting Khimki city court to extend his detention by 30 days. It took the judge about five minutes to reach a verdict, Russian media reported on Thursday, January 28.

Recall that Navalny was taken into custody immediately after being detained at the Sheremetyevo airport upon arrival from Germany, where he was undergoing treatment due to poisoning with a neuroparalytic substance such as «Newbie». The exit trial of the politician was held in the police building, where his lawyers who remained on the street were not allowed.

Many independent lawyers agree that the decision of the Khimki court does not comply with the norms of Russian law, and the meeting itself was held with gross procedural violations..

Himself Alexey Navalny, speaking at the Moscow Regional Court via video link, he named everything that was happening to him «demonstrative violation of the law». According to him, the judicial system in the country is «on the ladder of degradation».

«None of the articles, according to which I can be detained for 30 days, does not apply to me… The court took and “from the lantern” wrote numbers that have nothing to do with me», – oppositionist claims.

As of Thursday, the Investigative Committee of Russia has opened more than twenty criminal cases against protesters held last Saturday in solidarity with Alexei Navalny under anti-Putin slogans. Searches and arrests of Navalny’s supporters are underway across the country.

We will remind, on the eve of the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken expressed «deep concern» in connection with the treatment of Alexei Navalny and the human rights situation in Russia more broadly.

«As the president said, we are analyzing in all directions all the actions that cause us deep concern, be it the treatment of Navalny and, especially, the obvious use of chemical weapons in an attempt to kill him.», – Blinken said at his first press conference as U.S. foreign minister.

Earlier, he admitted that it amazes him how much the Russian authorities can fear one person, referring to the Russian oppositionist..

Sergey Davidis: «Violence has become the only and key factor in retaining power»

Program manager «Support for political prisoners and persecuted civil activists» human rights center «Memorial» Sergei Davidis called the actions of the authorities in relation to Navalny «flagrant violation of the law». In his opinion, this is not a matter of assessments, but an indisputable fact..

«Because such a procedure as the detention of a person who has violated the conditions for observing a conditional term is simply not provided for by law., – he explained in an interview with the Russian service «Voices of America». – Accordingly, by directly violating the very letter of the law and ignoring the mass protests in support of Navalny, the government demonstrates that it intends to send him to jail at any cost, and is doing this in a public demonstrative manner.».

The Kremlin chose, relatively speaking, “Belarusian way” confrontation with society, albeit with some deviations, says Sergei Davidis. «Now, in contrast to the previous stages of suppressing the opponents of the authorities, we see that the blow is being struck first of all at the figures of influence opposing the arbitrariness, – he stated. – This is evidenced by the mass searches among Navalny’s supporters that took place the day before, the detention of Sobol and other FBK employees on charges of violating sanitary standards.».

All together, this, of course, suggests that the authorities have finally relied on repression, the human rights activist is sure.. «And the fact that during the interrogation of Sobol, questions were asked not only about opposition activists, but also about artists who publicly supported Navalny, once again confirms this., – he claims. –The authorities of Russia, as well as of Belarus, have ceased to observe even the appearance of legality. They simply relied on the strength with which they will defend their foundations at any cost. Violence has become the only and key factor in retaining power».

The Kremlin does not care too much about the rest, the program manager summed up «Support for political prisoners and persecuted civil activists» human rights center «Memorial».

«Was there a boy?»

The court left Alexey Navalny in custody

On Thursday, a criminal case was also initiated against the head of the network of regional headquarters Alexei Navalny Leonid Volkov. He was accused of allegedly calling on minors to participate in «illegal actions».

Volkov himself, who is abroad, explains the accusation against him by the desire of the Russian authorities to impose a false agenda on society for discussions.. «Everyone knows: no "involving minors" did not have», – he stated.

This whole story about the fact that children go out to protest actions was a propaganda notion from the very beginning, the political scientist says. Fedor Krasheninnikov. According to him, the venture failed miserably..

«Of course, it was convenient for the authorities to present the case in such a way that only unreasonable children would protest against Navalny., – clarified the interlocutor of the Russian service «Voices of America». – But in reality, everything is completely different. The authorities simply turned out to be not ready for the fact that at the call of a person whom they completely deny political subjectivity and do not call by name, so many people will take to the streets».

This was an obvious shock for the Kremlin, they were not ready for such a turn of events, the political scientist believes. People deliberately went to the actions, knowing that they were subject to the threat of fines and arrest, he concluded..

Social psychologist Alexey Roshchin agrees that «rebellion of children», whom the propagandists had so much intimidated on the eve of Saturday’s protests, there was.

«In fact, we saw that stocks were dominated by people of the middle generation, but not teenagers or schoolchildren., – he testifies. – At least in Moscow, everything was exactly that, which I can personally confirm as an eyewitness to the events. But the platform «TikTok» while, as it were, remains in reserve for future performances. And this is a rather formidable force, if we recall the revolt of football fans in Moscow in 2010 in connection with the murder of a fan. «Spartacus». It was the teenagers who set the tone there. They can gather under liberal and anti-Putin slogans in 2021».

And this remains a serious threat to the Kremlin, summed up the social psychologist..

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