Suspect of Capitol Hill atrocities indicted

Capitol Hill rioters face multiple criminal charges

Law enforcement authorities intend to investigate all offenses committed during the incident on Capitol Hill on January 6

Several dozen offenders arrested during the riots on Capitol Hill were brought to trial on Thursday, January 7. Law enforcement has pledged to identify all suspects of the atrocities, as well as determine why the crowd that broke through the barriers and caused damage to the office buildings of Congress was able to cross the police cordon so easily..

The January 6 events on Capitol Hill sparked a violent reaction from US lawmakers and Washington officials, who called for an immediate investigation and prosecution of all those involved in the attack on Congress buildings..

Investigation calls led by two Democrats to chair subcommittees overseeing Capitol Police budget in new Congress.

«There will be many videos, some of which will cause concern and some will showcase heroism. A full investigation is needed to find out how the Capitol security system was breached so quickly.», – said Senator Chris Murphy. Congressman Tim Ryan pointed to insufficient preparation for action in the face of massive street protests.

«The terrorist attack on the Capitol was despicable, these criminals attacked the citadel of democracy. It was terrible for our country, and each of those terrorists who carried out this attack must be brought to justice, must go to jail for a very long time.», – said Republican Senator Ted Cruz, considered one of President Trump’s most consistent supporters.

The Mayor of Washington at a press conference called on law enforcement agencies to bring those responsible to justice.

«I call on the Joint Counter Terrorism Task Force to investigate, arrest and prosecute anyone who breaks into the Capitol, destroys property, or provokes acts of domestic terrorism».

U.S. law enforcement has already launched a criminal investigation into the Capitol attack, involving hundreds of investigators to identify and arrest the criminals, officials said..

Acting DC attorney Michael Sherwin says 55 suspects have already been indicted.

«We study all those involved and everyone who participated in this, and if the evidence confirms the corpus delicti, they will be charged. We will file as many charges as possible based on our investigation», – he stated.

In the District of Columbia Supreme Court, 40 rioters have been charged with trespassing on federal property, and have been advised that prosecutors are considering evidence of an additional curfew charge. Most of the defendants came from other states, including Oregon, Florida, Wyoming, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, although some were from the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia..

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55 suspects indicted following Capitol events

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    Suspect of Capitol Hill atrocities indicted
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According to the prosecutor’s office, one arrested person was charged with possession «automatic weapons of combat type» and 11 Molotov cocktails. Another defendant was charged with assaulting a police officer with a hockey stick. Another participant in the incident, demanded an interpreter from Russian in court, citing a lack of understanding of the term «illegal entry». This was reported by the edition “Washington Post”. Four have already been charged with violations of federal laws.

The number of victims of riots on Capitol Hill and surrounding areas on Wednesday, Friday, January 8, reached five. Capitol Police Officer Brian Siknik died Thursday night of his wounds in a clash with a crowd of Trump supporters. His death is being investigated by law enforcement agencies..

Meanwhile, Capitol Police Chief Stephen Sand resigned amid criticism of the actions of law enforcement officers. Sand will leave the post on January 16, a police spokeswoman said. Earlier, the head of the police union called for «change of leadership». Capitol Police Criticized for Failure to Prevent Perpetrators from Entering Congress Buildings.

FBI Chief Christopher Ray said the acts of violence and damage to federal property in the Capitol demonstrated a flagrant disregard for government institutions and the democratic process..

«As we have stated on numerous occasions, we will not tolerate aggressive agitators and extremists who, under the guise of First Amendment activities, incite violence and wreak havoc. Let no one have any doubts: together with our partners, we will bring to justice those who took part in the siege of the Capitol. The FBI has deployed full investigative resources and is working closely with federal, state and local partners to brutally prosecute those involved in criminal activities during the January 6 events.», – FBI director said in a statement.

The FBI also announced a reward of up to $ 50,000 for information that will help to identify, arrest and indict suspects in the manufacture and planting of improvised explosive devices..

The Washington police, in turn, also appealed to the public with a request to help identify suspects in illegal entry into the buildings of Congress and seizure of stolen property, and published the corresponding photo evidence.

Suspect of Capitol Hill atrocities indicted

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