Senate vote ends in Georgia

Control of Senate still up for grabs as Georgia vote count continues

Based on the exit poll results, voter opinions were roughly evenly divided

On Tuesday night, Georgia closed polling stations for the second round of two-seat Senate elections. This vote will determine which party will control the upper house of Congress, as well as demonstrate the potential for President-elect Joe Biden to pursue his ambitious campaign strategy..

Fight for two Senate seats unfolded between incumbent Republican Senators David Purdue and Kelly Leffler and Democrats – by documentary filmmaker John Ossoff and Baptist Pastor Rev. Raphael Warnock.

At the time of counting 10% of ballots, Democrats Warnock and Ossoff secured the support of 54.9% and 54.3% of voters, respectively, 45.7% and 45.1% of voters voted for Republicans Purdue and Leffler. Most of the votes counted, according to «Reuters», were obtained from polling stations located in Gwynette and Fulton Counties, which are part of Atlanta – the traditional bastion of Democrats in Republican Georgia.

As reported by Fox News, at the time of processing 69% of the ballots, both Republican candidates were able to slightly outperform their Democratic rivals. – 50.6% and 50.3% of voters voted for Purdue and Leffler, respectively, for Warnock and Ossoff – 49.7% and 49.4% respectively. The gap between Republicans and Democrats remains minimal.

Senate vote ends in Georgia

Georgia’s secretary of state Brad Raffensperger told CNN that the official results of the race may become known by Wednesday, but the final election result may remain in question for several days if the difference in votes cast for one candidate or another is minimal. Election Commissioners began counting ballots immediately after polling stations closed at 19:00 EST.

Although no Democrat has been able to run for the Senate from Georgia over the past 20 years, opinion polls show that this time around, Republicans and Democrats have roughly the same chances of winning. The second round of elections was required after none of the candidates was able to enlist the support of more than 50% of voters in November.

According to the results of the exit poll, conducted by the agency Edison Research, the opinions of voters who took part in the second round of elections in Georgia were equally divided. About half of the exit poll participants supported the Republicans, while the other half declared their support for the Democrats.

Senate vote ends in Georgia

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