Protests in Belarus: police shoot in the air

Belarus protests: Police fire warning shots as tens of thousands flood Minsk streets

Alyaksandr Lukashenka was detained on a march in Minsk

Belarusian police fired shots into the air and began to detain demonstrators at the beginning of a march of many thousands on Sunday in Minsk, the participants of which demanded the resignation of Alexander Lukashenko.

This is evidenced by reports in the media and social networks..

Mass demonstrations take place in Minsk every weekend for 12 weeks in a row, keeping pressure on Lukashenka, who continues to rule despite the crisis, and says he is not going to leave..

This week, he partially closed the borders of Belarus with the West, replaced the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and said that if any of the protesters would raise a hand against the employees of the internal affairs bodies, «he must get out of there at least without hands».

Protests in Belarus: police shoot in the air

According to the newspaper «Our cornfield», there were at least two separate columns of demonstrators in Minsk, one of which numbered 20 thousand people.

A video on an opposition social media account shows people walking the streets chanting: «We believe, we can, we will win». Reuters cannot obtain independent confirmation of these frames..

Mobile Internet did not work in the capital, and several metro stations were closed.

Protests in Belarus: police shoot in the air

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