Protest actions continue in Belarusian cities

Several journalists are among those detained by the police

Thousands of demonstrators marched on Sunday through the streets of Minsk and other cities in Belarus as part of weekly protests; demonstrators demanded resignation of Alexander Lukashenko.

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  • Protest actions continue in Belarusian cities

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Radio Svoboda cites data from the Viasna human rights center, according to which 174 people were detained in Minsk, Grodno and Brest by the evening. It is reported that among them are several journalists of the BelaPAN agency and a journalist of the Interfax-Zapad agency.

Radio Svoboda also cites a message from the Main Internal Affairs Directorate of Belarus about the detention of more than 300 people.

It should be reminded that protests have not stopped in Belarus since the presidential elections held on August 9. Lukashenka claims to have won them. His opponents emphasize that the election results were rigged and call for Lukashenka’s resignation.

Participants in today’s protest rally gathered mainly in remote residential areas of Minsk. They held white and red national flags in their hands and chanted “Long live Belarus!”.

The protests have an impact because you cannot rule a country where the majority of the population does not recognize you, said one demonstrator..

According to eyewitness reports and videos posted on social networks, military vehicles and water cannons were visible on the streets of the Belarusian capital on Sunday.

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