Partner Countries Help Georgia Build Defense Capabilities

Strengthening Georgia’s defence

The Ministry of Defense of Georgia intends to develop its own military production, including the creation of military drones 

Georgia is considering the possibility of producing its own military unmanned aerial vehicles, and also plans to create three new defense enterprises with partner countries: Poland, the Czech Republic and Israel. This was stated by the head of the Georgian defense department Irakli Garibashvili.

According to the minister, Georgia has all the resources necessary for this, and the production of military equipment is possible on the basis of a military scientific and technical center. «Delta» at the Ministry of Defense of Georgia, which united six research institutes and the Tbilisi Aviation Plant.

«We want to test the strength of drone production on the spot, since we have experience in this. Let me remind you that the country had and still has one of the most high-tech enterprises. In total, about 20 countries of the world produce aircraft. Imagine Georgia was once an aircraft manufacturing country. Do not use a country with such potential and the Tbilisi Aviation Plant, which is run by «Deltas», just a sin. It is on this base and with the help of the people who work there that it is possible to start production of drones.», – said Garibashvili.

At the same time, before starting the production of its own aircraft, Georgia will purchase new operational-tactical, reconnaissance and combat drones in 2021. Moreover, the minister said, an agreement was recently signed with Israeli partners on the renewal and complete modernization of the Georgian air defense system..

Key priorities

Earlier, speaking in the Georgian parliament, the Minister of Defense said that the development of military production is one of the main priorities for his department..

«Next year we will take effective steps to complete already started projects and to implement new ones. In this direction, in order to gain knowledge and experience, we have already begun preliminary negotiations with Poland, the Czech Republic and Israel.», – said Irakli Garibashvili.

In June, the Minister of Defense informed that Georgia intends to produce combat aircraft, grenade launchers, grenades and missiles in accordance with all NATO standards, both for defense needs and for export..

It is noteworthy that in Georgia, back in 2011, a presentation of manufactured at the Center «Delta» armored personnel carriers «Didgori», and in 2012 — infantry fighting vehicle «Lasika» and multiple launch rocket systems. In addition to armored vehicles, Center «Delta» also produces and exports abroad mortars, grenade launchers, universal combat modules, drones, pistols, rifles, body armor and other items of military equipment.

Expert opinion

Partner Countries Help Georgia Build Defense Capabilities

Professor Tengiz Pkhaladze from the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, a former adviser to former President Giorgi Margvelashvili, positively assesses the priorities announced by the defense department on the local production of military equipment. According to him, increasing the defense capability on our own is extremely important, given the specifics of Georgia, part of whose territory is occupied by Russia..

At the same time, the expert believes that without the development of a new national security strategy and a document on assessing the threats facing Georgia, all plans for the local production of military equipment «meaningless».

Pkhaladze recalls that over the past few years, despite the calls of experts, the authorities have not revealed political will to update these documents, which, he believes, especially against the background of recent developments in the region, today «significantly outdated».

«The listed documents define the risks faced by the state. Accordingly, once the risks are known, the measures to be taken are determined, as well as the defensive weapons that the country needs to counter existing threats. In other words, the entire defense policy of the country is based on these documents, so if they are not updated, despite all the potential of Georgia, the desired result in terms of increasing the defense capability may be unattainable.», — summed up Pkhaladze in a commentary for the Russian Service «Voices of America».

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