Kurds warn of the growing potential of the Islamic State in Iraq

Could the fight against ISIS give Kurds more autonomy?

A spokesman for the leadership of the Kurdish Peshmerga formations said IS is demonstrating the ability to carry out carefully planned attacks.

In the recent assassination of the main leader «Islamic State» Iraq should not see a sign of the destruction of this terrorist organization, which has recruited new members and intensified its attacks in the country in recent months, a senior Iraqi Kurdish military official said..

US officials have confirmed that a recent US-led coalition air strike killed Jabbar Salman Ali Farhan al-Issawi, also known as Abu Yasir. The strike was struck a few days ago in the Iraqi province of Kirkuk.

It was reported that Abu Yasir led the activities «Islamic State» in Iraq since 2017.

Despite the death of Abu Yasir, the deputy head of the Iraqi Kurdish Kurds, Peshmerga Sarbast Lazgin, said that the terrorist organization has intensified its activities, while Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government have not yet developed an effective joint management mechanism for the so-called disputed areas. Kirkuk is also considered part of the disputed territories between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

In a telephone interview «Voice of America» Lazgin said jihadists are already using «security vacuum» in these areas.

«I am not saying that [Abu Yasser’s death] is irrelevant, – he said. – But experience shows that for groups that can brainwash their members so much that they are ready to blow themselves up, the death of one person makes little difference. It may have temporary effects, but the group will soon find a replacement.».

Kurds warn of the growing potential of the Islamic State in Iraq

Noting that the current goals «Islamic State» not as ambitious as they were in 2014, Lazgin said the group has recently demonstrated the ability to carry out more deadly and well-planned attacks.

«Now they are conducting larger operations., – he said. – They now attack military outposts and units».

In January «Islamic State» claimed responsibility for a double suicide attack in a busy market in Baghdad, which killed about 35 people and injured more.

The group also struck a base of Iranian-backed Shiite militias in January, killing at least 16 fighters, including their commander.

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