JJ Applies to US Registration of Single-Use Vaccine

Experts say J&J Covid vaccine will accelerate vaccination in the U.S.

Developers claim that new drug protects against COVID-19 by at least 66%

It looks like a vaccine developed by pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson Helps Build Immunity Against COVID-19 With Just One Dose – this is not as high as competitors with a two-dose regimen. However, the new development of Johnson & Johnson Still Potentially Beneficial for a World Sorely Needing More Vaccines.

In a statement released by Johnson & Johnson said Friday that in trials in the United States and seven other countries, a single dose of the vaccine overall has been shown to be 66% effective in preventing moderate to severe symptoms and is far more effective against the most severe symptoms. – about 85%.

During clinical testing, geographical differences were identified. In the United States, the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine was 72%, and in South Africa, where the mutated virus is spreading – 57%.

«The one dose bet was definitely worth it», – Dr. Matai Mammen, head of international research for the pharmaceutical division of J, told The Associated Press in an interview&J Janssen.

At a time of global vaccination delays due to inadequate supplies, experts expected a one-shot type of vaccine to stretch out scarce supplies and avoid the logistic nightmare of returning patients who need a second dose..

The company said that during J week&J will apply for an emergency use of the drug in the US and then overseas. J&J expects to ship 100 million doses to the US by June and expects first shipments to be ready to ship as soon as authorities give the go-ahead.

JJ Applies to US Registration of Single-Use Vaccine

Vaccine efficacy measured in preliminary results from a clinical trial involving 44,000 volunteers, which has not yet been completed.

Researchers tracked COVID-19 infections starting 28 days after vaccination – around the time that two-dose recipients are given a second injection.

According to Mammen, none of the vaccinated people needed hospitalization or died, regardless of whether they became infected. «the usual COVID or this particularly dangerous option». All people who received the vaccine have had a milder form of coronavirus.

To create their vaccine, the experts from J&J used the common cold virus as «trojan horse», to transfer the coronavirus spike gene into the body, where cells create harmless copies of the protein that activate the immune system if infected with COVID-19.

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