Impeachment of Trump through the eyes of American analysts

How Americans feel about this Donald Trump impeachment

According to experts, we are talking about an equation with many unknowns

10 out of 211 Republicans in the House of Representatives voted to announce impeachment to President Trump. According to a number of their party members, the main thing in what is happening –ongoing efforts by Democrats to remove the incumbent from power. Impeachment – the most serious method of holding the president accountable, experts emphasize.

Commenting on the voting results in the US House of Representatives, Sarah Binder, Professor of political science, GWU recalled that less than a week is left until the end of Trump’s presidential term and, therefore, to argue that this is an ongoing attempt by Democrats deprive the president of power, wrongly.

«Could the Democrats have held the president accountable differently? Could they have instead passed a vote of no confidence in the government, for which they would have needed only a simple majority?» – the expert asks.

«It would be a kind of slap in the face for the president. Last week’s events shocked not only those serving in Congress, but also… all of us who watched this on television. We are not used to this here in the United States, and certainly not used to the fact that this happens as a result of the incitement of the President of the United States.» – this is how Binder explained the decision of lawmakers to impeach President Trump.

Although an impeachment procedure without committee hearings, fundamental research and lengthy debate could set a precedent, lawmakers have no other serious mechanisms to hold the president accountable, she said..

«I believe that before the Democrats and Republicans, who were shocked by the interference of the President in these events (storming the Capitol on January 6), a difficult question arose – how to bring him to justice under our system of separation of powers. Democrats understand that in this situation, impeachment – most serious method of holding the president accountable», – states the political scientist.

University of New Mexico professor Joshua Kastenberg (University of New Mexico School of Law), commenting on the vote on January 13 in the lower house of the US Congress, notes that it is too early to talk about the bipartisan nature of this decision. However, he said there were enough Republicans to make this vote unusual..

«Of the ten Republicans who supported impeachment, the most prominent figure is – this is Liz Cheney, who is directly related to former Vice President Cheney. Liz Cheney – one of the most conservative supporters of the president, who supported Donald Trump during the elections, but criticized his foreign policy. Her strength – the strength of her followers. She is the personification of US conservative values. Among other voters – Adam Kinzinger and several Republicans in constituencies who sometimes vote for the Democratic Party. Kinzinger supported Trump during the election, but he sharply criticized the president’s attempts to undermine the credibility of the election after the election.», – says the professor.

The expert considers it a mistake that many Republicans described the storming of the Capitol as «disorder».

«This is not a riot. It was an attempted rebellion. There is a fundamental difference. Disorder – this is what happens after a football match. And this was an attempt to disrupt the constitutional process in Congress. So this is clearly not a riot. This is something much worse from the point of view of American law.», – states Kastenberg.

Impeachment of Trump through the eyes of American analysts

Michigan State University law professor Brian Colt points out that the potential consequences of impeachment could be twofold..

«Deprivation of the presidency and deprivation of the right to hold certain positions. In this case, the Democrats are trying to disqualify President Trump, depriving him of the opportunity to run for president in 2024.», – says Colt.

«Disqualification renders a person incapable of holding any honorary, credible, salaried position based on the person holding it representing the United States. Clearly, this applies to appointments such as ambassadors or judges at the federal level. But when it comes to the presidency, it is less clear whether this is so. Thus, in the event of disqualification, disputes and proceedings may arise in court. And this certainly does not apply to Congress. Therefore, in the event of impeachment, the president can still run for Congress, because the US Constitution distinguishes between positions in Congress and the so-called positions associated with the representation of the United States.», – explains the lawyer.

However, today it – an equation with many unknowns, Colt emphasizes. In particular, he believes, there is no unequivocal answer to the question of the legality of the consideration in the Senate of charges against the president after his presidential term has expired..


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