Group of seven Ukraine: call on all parties to unite in dialogue

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Ukraine’s international partners – the United States, Great Britain, and the EU – expressed concern over the events related to the decision of the Constitutional Court&# 160;

KYIV – The G7 member states called on the Ukrainian authorities – “all parties” – to unite in dialogue and find a solution to overcome the constitutional crisis.

This was reported on November 2 on the page of the United States Embassy in Ukraine

“With increasing concern, the US, UK, Canada, EU, Japan and Germany are following the latest developments in the Constitutional Court’s ruling. We call on all parties to unite in dialogue, accept this challenge and find a solution to the crisis, “the message says..

It emphasizes that this “is necessary to restore people’s faith in the fact that the state is capable of both fighting corruption and continuing the European and Euro-Atlantic course enshrined in the Constitution of Ukraine”.

President: strange behavior of judges

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed MPs from the Servant of the People faction on November 2, calling the behavior of the judges of the Constitutional Court “strange”, which “in a matter of hours put the country on the brink of disaster”.

“Either the country will again be dragged into bloody chaos, or the state as a system of transparent rules and agreements will cease to exist, or we will finally become a really powerful political force and say our weighty word: "Not! No lies!"”- said President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in an audio message posted on the website of the National News Agency” Ukrinform “.

The leader of Ukraine called on his supporters in parliament to support his proposals to restore justice and legality in the country after the latest decisions of the Constitutional Court.

“But so far I can only say one thing: the latest decision of the Constitutional Court, these scandalous abolitions of fundamental laws are a direct and quick path to bloodshed. And if we do not stop the chaos that the Constitutional Court creates for money, then we will get a confrontation in the streets. And, by the way, this public response will be tough, but fair. Are we ready to put the death of the country on the line ?! ” – said Vladimir Zelensky in an audio message that lasts about six and a half minutes. He added that he addressed the deputies in this format, because there is no time to communicate with each separately..

Crisis history

After the decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine on the unconstitutional nature of the article in the Criminal Code, which provides for punishment for inaccurate declaration, it became known that the European Union may consider norms on the temporary suspension of the visa-free regime with Ukraine.

Government representatives and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said they would not allow the curtailment or suspension of the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration policy.

“Visa-free with the EU! There are forces inside the country that are interested in stopping the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine, and at the same time depriving Ukrainians of visa-free travel. I assure them they will not succeed! ” – noted in a statement by Deputy Prime Minister Olga Stefanishina on the website of the Government Portal on October 29, 2020.

According to the website of the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy convened an urgent closed meeting of the National Security and Defense Council to determine measures for an urgent appropriate response of the state to new threats and challenges to national security and the country’s defense..

“We are compelled to state that recently there have been signs that certain entities are trying to revise the key parts of the social contract in Ukraine, which provide for zero tolerance for corruption and any form of non-transparency in public administration. This is unacceptable, “- said in a statement on October 29 on the website of the President of Ukraine.

The decision of the Constitutional Court, which caused a political and international reaction, became known in the press on October 27.

An attempt to delegitimize the institution of the presidency

Vice President of the independent analytical center for geopolitical research “Borisfen Intel” Igor Kharchenko notes that an attempt to put Ukraine under the control of pro-Russian oligarchic groups is guessed in the constitutional crisis.

“Today, the institution of the presidency is being delegitimized. For all its disadvantages, which are in Ukraine, this institution is the most legitimate. We have had cases when people’s deputies were elected by one and a half thousand citizens. The president is elected by millions, and it is obvious that he is the consolidating figure of Ukrainian statehood, “Igor Kharchenko tells the correspondent of the Russian service of the Voice of America..

According to the political scientist, the actions of the pro-Russian and oligarchic political forces, which tried to limit the influence of the president, have long been discussed in political discussions..

“For many oligarchs, it is beneficial for the constitutional crisis to lead to changes in the country’s political structure, in which Ukraine from a parliamentary-presidential country would become just a parliamentary country. At the same time, they will have more chances to change the foreign policy course of the country, “Igor Kharchenko emphasizes..

Internal confrontation – all against all

Director of the Center for Foreign Policy Studies “OPAD” named after Alexander Nikonorov Sergey Parkhomenko believes that the political incompetence and weakness of the positions of President Volodymyr Zelensky led to the current situation around the Constitutional Court.

Group of seven Ukraine: call on all parties to unite in dialogue

“And all these actions of Zelenskiy cause anger in a society in which there is no unequivocal understanding that the problem comes from Zelenskiy’s incompetence and weakness. Some of the opposition forces want Zelensky’s resignation, some criticize the government, some of the law enforcement agencies, and in the end we see that there is no unity, but there is a desire of the Russian agents to wreak havoc – everyone is against everyone, ”says Sergey Parkhomenko to the correspondent of the Voice America “.

He believes that the Russian agents in the Ukrainian government create conditions for internal confrontation, disorienting society..

“She is playing a multi-move, taking advantage of Zelensky’s misunderstanding. And in this way, public negativity rises and at the same time the Russian agents wins – the abolition of the declaration by the decision of the Constitutional Court means that Ukraine is turning away from the Western path, destroying its relations with European partners, is moving towards not receiving macro-financial support and may lose visa-free relations altogether. with the European Union “, – says Sergey Parkhomenko.

About the legal culture of citizens

Head of the Center for Political Research “Doctrine” Yaroslav Bozhko notes that the biggest problem for society in a situation with a conflict between the Constitutional Court and the Office of the President is the low level of legal culture of citizens.

“That is why not everyone is aware of the need for a politically independent Constitutional Court of Ukraine (CCU). In the eyes of society, the Office of the President was able to discredit the KSU, having achieved a certain consolidation around the idea of ​​dissolving the court, which is a gross violation of the Constitution, “Yaroslav Bozhko told the Voice of America correspondent..

He notes that in the current situation in Ukrainian politics, the country received a “full-fledged political crisis”, a crisis of confidence in the institutions of power, as stated by representatives of the G7 member states.

“The way out of this crisis is directly in the adoption of new anti-corruption legislation that would meet the requirements of the decision of the Constitutional Court,” emphasizes Yaroslav Bozhko.

In his opinion, it is necessary to take into account the reality of the current crisis and look for ways out of it: “Despite the coolness in relations with the West for Kiev and a certain amount of US involvement in the presidential elections, Russia has received a new window of opportunity for destabilization in Ukraine,” he emphasizes..

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