Georgia prepares for vaccination

Central Georgia hospitals prepare for roll out of COVID vaccines

At the first stage, vaccines produced by Pfizer will be delivered to Georgia

The Georgian parliament is rapidly considering legislative amendments regarding vaccination against COVID-19. In particular, according to the requirement of manufacturers, the state that purchased their vaccine must assume certain responsibilities. As the deputy chairman of the Georgian parliament David Sergeenko explained to the media, this concerns the proper registration of the vaccine, its use in accordance with the indications, and also, in the event of a reaction to the vaccine by the patient, the state is obliged to provide the necessary treatment. At the same time, according to the legislative initiative, the state is released from liability if a mistake is made through the fault of the medical staff or the importing company itself..

According to Sergeenko, the state bears similar responsibility for all other preventive vaccines that are used on its territory. Accordingly, says the parliamentarian, since the vaccine against coronavirus infection COVID-19 is new, it must also be regulated. «Public Health Law».

Vaccines for Georgia

According to the Georgian Ministry of Health, negotiations are underway with vaccine manufacturers at this stage. «Pfizer» and «AstraZeneca». According to the head of the Georgian Ministry of Health Ekaterina Tikaradze, in «Pfizer» have already confirmed that they will provide the vaccine for the Georgian medical staff through an international mechanism «Kovax» (COVAX) — COVID-19 Vaccine Affordability Initiative of 170+ Countries.

At the same time, Paata Imnadze, deputy head of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health of Georgia, known as the Lugar Center, said that Georgia has the infrastructure to receive only 200 thousand doses of vaccine. «Pfizer», those. assuming two doses of the vaccine are needed, this is enough to vaccinate 100,000 people. Recall that vaccines «Pfizer» must be stored in refrigerators with a temperature regime of minus 80 degrees Celsius.

Epidemiologists say that most likely, vaccinations in Georgia will start earlier than planned, possibly as early as February, and that at the initial stage, a quarter of the country’s population will be vaccinated..

It is noteworthy that according to official information, Georgia allocated $ 17 million for the purchase of vaccines against coronavirus in the unoccupied territory of which 3.8 million people live. At this stage, Georgia has previously paid from this amount «Kovax» four million dollars. At the same time, the Georgian authorities say that in parallel they are negotiating on obtaining vaccines from COVID-19 through other channels..

Restrictive measures

Georgia has seen a decline in the daily increase in COVID-19 infections since strict restrictive measures were introduced in the country on November 28, including curfews, stopping public and intercity transport, and closing clothing stores..

If in November about 5,000 people fell ill per day, then in mid-January, despite the temporary relaxation of measures during the New Year’s holidays, the daily infection rate was less than 2,000 people..

At the same time, the Georgian authorities say that the current figure is still high and that at this stage it is inappropriate to lift the restrictions, which were extended until February 1. As the head of the Georgian Ministry of Health stated on January 13, the authorities do not intend to abolish them after February 1. Most likely, shopping centers will open in February, but the decision on educational institutions and transport will be made at the end of January based on the epidemiological situation..

Georgia prepares for vaccination


In general, as of January 13, 243,255 people were infected with coronavirus in the territory controlled by the Georgian authorities, of whom have already recovered. — 227,611 and 2,846 died. In this case, active cases — 12,798.

As for the occupied territories, in the Tskhinvali region, where, according to official data, about 53,000 people live, 2,461 cases of COVID-19 infection have been recorded since the beginning of the pandemic, of which 1,619 people have already recovered, 60 have died.

At the same time, in Abkhazia, where according to official data there are about 243,000 people, 10,102 cases of the disease have been recorded to date, of which 7,808 people recovered and 143 died..

According to the separatist authorities, in these regions it is planned to vaccinate the population with the Russian vaccine. «Satellite V», although at this stage it is not known when this will happen.

Recall that as a result of the Russian-Georgian war, Russia in 2008 recognized the independence of the two Georgian regions. – Abkhazia and South Ossetia – and has deployed additional troops and weapons to its military bases in these territories. All states of the world – excluding Venezuela, Nicaragua, Nauru and Syria – recognize these regions as the territory of Georgia occupied by Russia.

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