Fauci: a hasty return to normal life is extremely risky

Fauci: Life as we knew it won’t return until ‘many, many months’ into 2021

Meanwhile, Trump said in an Easter address that the country is winning the battle against the coronavirus.

Leading American expert on infectious diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci warned on Sunday about «extremely high risk» further spread of the coronavirus if US authorities rush to resume business operations and return life to normal from May 1, as President Donald Trump ponders.

Speaking on CNN, Fauci stressed that the restoration of commercial activity in the United States «will not happen when the switch is clicked».

The current government guidelines for maintaining a safe distance between people are in effect until April 30.

Fauci expressed the hope that, «at least in some directions», the country will be able to return to work and daily activities in May, but this return will take place differently in different regions of the country.

According to him, this will depend on the number of people infected in specific cities and confirmation of the absence of the virus in the majority of the population through testing..

But even with these precautions, «people will get infected», Fauci said.

«It’s just reality», – he added.

The United States came out on top in the world both in the number of cases (more than 534 thousand) and in the number of deaths (more than 20 thousand). Created models of the spread of the virus now predict that by July, the coronavirus could kill 60 thousand Americans..

FDA chief Steven Hahn speaking on the program «This week» on ABC, said: «Models Really Show We Are Close To The Peak». However, he warned: «This is a rapidly developing epidemic, so you need to monitor the situation on a daily basis.».

As for May 1, Khan said that this date is «aim».

«Of course, we have hopes for this goal, but it is too early to say that we see light at the end of the tunnel., – he added. – I think it’s too early to tell if May 1st is such a date».

Trump, with the death toll and the fact that 17 million Americans have lost their jobs in the past month, says almost daily that he wants to reopen the country as early as possible, and his economic advisers are citing May 1 as the target date..

At the same time, Trump says he will listen to health experts about these deadlines..

The President called the choice between two imperatives, protecting the health of Americans and restoring the world’s largest economy, the most important decision of his life..

Trump originally called for the country to open by Sunday April 12, featuring churches filled with believers for Easter. He backed off, however, when health experts warned that the country’s hasty reopening would lead to more coronavirus deaths..

Trump addressed American Christians with a video message on the occasion of Easter, noting that this year’s holiday will not be the same as usual.

«In many cases, we will only be physically separated from our churches. We will not sit next to each other, as we would like, but soon we will be again, – he stated. – But right now we are keeping our distance, we are getting rid of this infection. This is an infection that has come to our country, (infection) that no one has ever seen».

«But we are winning the battle, – continued Trump. – We are winning the war. We will be together again in churches next to each other. Celebrate, get together with the whole family like no other. We have a lot to be grateful for. Happy Easter everyone!»

Most American churches will be closed for Easter, but some have ignored prohibitions on large gatherings, and worship services have been held on a number of occasions..

Fauci: a hasty return to normal life is extremely risky

From January to mid-March, Trump talked about the minimal danger of the coronavirus. On several occasions he argued that there are few cases of the disease in the United States and that the disease will quickly fade away..

Some advisers to the president warned him of the impending threat.

Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said the country’s reaction, «of course», could be better.

«It would be better if we had a head start, – he said. – Often, the recommendations of [scientists and medical experts] are heeded, but sometimes not».

According to him, the situation with mortality from coronavirus «could be a little better», if the US had introduced social distancing earlier and required Americans to stay at home.

Fauci said he hopes voters will be able to take part in the November 3 presidential election, with Trump and Democratic nominee former Vice President Joe Biden as prime candidates..

«Can’t guarantee it, – said Fauci. – There is always the possibility of a new leap [incidence]».

But in this case, there is hope that the country will respond better, Fauci said..


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