Biden to deliver major foreign policy speech at State Department

He is expected to state his position on global foreign policy challenges

WASHINGTON – US President Joe Biden will present his foreign policy views during his first major speech at the State Department on Thursday.

While he may not go into specific details of the new US approach to external adversaries, including China, North Korea, Russia and Iran, Biden is expected to share his vision of global challenges and confronting them..

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Wednesday that the president believes the US should work closely with its allies on China..

A similar position was expressed by State Department spokesman Ned Price at a press briefing later that day..

«Our policy has not changed», – Price told reporters, noting that this policy is based on the principle «one China».

Answering the question «Voices of America», U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said last week that U.S.-China relations, «probably are and will be the most important relationship in the world».


The new American president has already held phone calls with several foreign leaders, including traditional US allies and Russian President Vladimir Putin..

The White House said that in a conversation with Putin, Biden raised sensitive topics such as the arrest of opposition figure Alexei Navalny and the Russian cyber espionage campaign, while trying to find common ground through the extension of an important nuclear arms control agreement..

On Wednesday, the United States and Russia announced the extension of the START III treaty, which limits the strategic nuclear arsenals of the two countries, for five years..

«We are realistic about the challenges that Russia poses to the United States and the world», – Blinken said in a statement.

Biden to deliver major foreign policy speech at State Department

He added that the United States will «seek to hold Russia accountable for hostile acts and human rights violations, in close coordination with our allies and partners».


Biden will deliver a speech amid shaping a new U.S. approach to China that officials say will include politics «strategic patience».

Dealing with supply chains and countering intelligence threats from China are among the administration’s top priorities. Earlier it was reported that President Biden will soon sign a decree on the analysis of American supply chains..

«We know that some of China’s actions are detrimental to American workers: it diminishes our technological advantage, it threatens our alliances and influence in international organizations, and it engages in serious human rights abuses that cause deep outrage.», – State Department spokesman Ned Price said this week.

«Therefore, we will oppose China’s aggressive and coercive actions, maintain our core military advantages, defend democratic values, invest in advanced technology, and rebuild our vital security partnerships.», – he added.

Biden to deliver major foreign policy speech at State Department

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