Biden: New Initiatives To Combat COVID-19

New President Sees Confronting Pandemic As Priority In Administration

Speaking Thursday afternoon at the White House, President Biden warned that the number of Americans dying from coronavirus could surpass half a million next month. Biden stressed that “the battle (against the pandemic) will be difficult”.

“Before there is an improvement, the situation will get worse,” the president said..

On Thursday, the president launched new initiatives to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, stressing that this is his top priority as head of state..

The Biden administration plans to develop a coordinated strategy to combat the new coronavirus, designed to restore confidence in the federal government and focused on increasing vaccine production and testing, reopening schools and addressing inequalities that have exacerbated in the pandemic..

“We can defeat COVID-19, and we will defeat it. America deserves a response to the pandemic based on scientific research, (objective) data and the health system, not politics, ”the White House said in a statement on the national strategy on the issue..

Later Thursday, Biden signed a series of decrees to tackle the pandemic, including the requirement to wear masks at airports and on transport, including trains, planes and buses..

Recall that the number of people infected with coronavirus in the United States has exceeded 24 million, and the number of deaths from this disease in the country is more than 405,000.

Trump has repeatedly tried to downplay the danger of a pandemic. The new president sees confronting her as a top priority for his administration, along with rebuilding the economy and resolving racial injustice in the country..

Biden: New Initiatives To Combat COVID-19

On Wednesday, hours after being sworn in, Biden signed 15 decrees, many of which are aimed at overhauling Trump’s actions..

The new president’s orders include, inter alia, the requirement to wear masks at federal-owned facilities, the abolition of the US withdrawal from the World Health Organization (WHO), the resolution of problems related to the country’s return to the Paris Climate Agreement and the termination of the ban on entering the United States from a number of countries with a predominantly Muslim population.

Biden intends to set up a task force to improve testing, address drug supply shortfalls, develop rules for overseas entrants, and channel the necessary resources to a number of high-risk minorities..

Biden: New Initiatives To Combat COVID-19

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