Biden called brutal attempts by the Trump administration to cancel Obamaker

Biden says Trump trying to overturn Obamacare with court pick

President-elect pledges to reform the Affordable Care Act after joining the White House to correct the shortcomings of the Obamaker program

President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday called «cruel and needlessly split» attempts by Republicans to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act known as «Obamaker» through the Supreme Court. Biden has pledged that regardless of the outcome of this trial, after taking office as president in January 2021, he will carry out reforms to expand the coverage and accessibility of health care. Biden said this at a press conference in Wilmington.

Biden warned that if the Supreme Court upholds the Trump administration’s claim, millions of Americans will lose health insurance during the coronavirus pandemic. He described the lawsuit as «an attempt to disregard the will of the American people, past court verdicts, decisions of Congress».

Biden acknowledged that the Obama administration’s Affordable Health Care Act had flaws and promised to fix them. Joe Biden said that his group working on the transit of power is now «fleshes out the details» plan to provide universal health care for Americans and reduce health care costs, and this must happen «As soon as possible».

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris also spoke at a press conference in Wilmington, stressing that «every vote for Joe Biden was a statement that healthcare in America should be a right, not a privilege».

The US Supreme Court on Tuesday heard arguments in the lawsuit of a number of Republican states and the administration of President Donald Trump, which demand to invalidate the Affordable Care Act.

The judges heard arguments on appeal from a number of Democratic states, including California and New York, as well as the House of Representatives, which is also under Democratic control. Conservative judges made it clear they see a proper legal basis for filing a claim, citing similar scenarios.

Judging by the questions posed by Chief Justice John Roberts and Conservative Brett Cavanaugh, they are skeptical about Republican arguments that the law should be repealed altogether if one of its provisions is deemed unconstitutional. This is a provision obliging citizens to have health insurance under the threat of a fine. Apparently, Roberts and Cavanaugh believe that the compulsory insurance clause could be decoupled from the rest of the law..

Biden called brutal attempts by the Trump administration to cancel Obamaker

Liberal Judge Sonia Sotomayor questioned the Republican states’ arguments, noting that their claims were not related to compulsory insurance. According to her, if they wanted to challenge other provisions of the law, they should have filed a suit..

Conservatives have held 6 of 9 Supreme Court seats since Senate approved Justice Amy Connie Barrett, nominated for office by President Trump, last month..

Most experts believe that the court will not make a decision to completely cancel «Obamaker».

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