Alexey Navalny Ikremlevsky Leviathan: the confrontation continues

Why Putin wants Alexei Navalny dead

Experts believe that the authorities are ready to do anything to prevent the return of the oppositionist to Russia&# 160;

The Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) opened a criminal case under article on large-scale fraud against opposition politician, founder of the Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK) Alexei Navalny and «other persons». This was announced the day before on the official website of the TFR.

Navalny and his associates are blamed for the embezzlement of 356 million rubles from the total amount of donations collected for the work of various structures, including FBK.

In accordance with the presented article, the oppositionist faces up to 10 years in prison.

Navalny himself commented on the situation on Twitter as follows: «Putin seems to be just hysterical».

And on Instagram, he recalled that just the other day he was threatened to replace the suspended sentence, awarded in the so-called case. «Yves Rocher», on a real one, and now they are fabricating a new criminal case. The oppositionist named the accusations against him «bullshit».

Earlier, the politician has repeatedly announced the involvement of the Russian president in the assassination attempt on him..

Recall that during the annual session of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), 56 participating countries issued a statement urging Moscow to conduct a quick and transparent investigation into the circumstances of the poisoning of Alexei Navalny. The United States, Japan and many European countries joined the statement. They stressed that «most decisively» condemn the attack on Navalny.

In Russia, an investigation of the resonant crime has not yet been scheduled. Moreover, Moscow, in spite of everything, does not recognize the very fact of the poisoning of the opposition leader..

Sergey Davidis: «The Russian authorities have dropped all measures of decency»

The information provided by representatives of the Russian Investigative Committee, justifying the initiation of the next criminal case against Alexei Navalny, does not correspond to reality at all, the head of the program believes. «Support for political prisoners and persecuted civil activists» human rights center «Memorial» Sergey Davidis. In his opinion, it is simple «numbers sucked out of the finger».

«The Russian authorities have abandoned all measures of decency and no longer think about the impression that its actions will make on Russian citizens and the international community., – he added in comments for the Russian Service «Voices of America». – They are using all the methods they can think of to fight Navalny. This is confirmed by the feverish haste with which a new criminal case was initiated on the very eve of the New Year, and immediately after the expiration of the probationary period according to the previous verdict of the oppositionist, like everything else that happens in relation to the opposition leader.».

At the same time, the Kremlin pursues two goals, the human rights activist believes: «First priority – warn Navalny again not to return to Russia. Besides, there is a desire once again «denigrate» him among those who listen to the voice of the Kremlin or still doubt whether the politician was actually assassinated…», – summed up the program manager «Support for political prisoners and persecuted civil activists» human rights center «Memorial».

Alexey Navalny Ikremlevsky Leviathan: the confrontation continues

According to a recent survey by the Sociological Service «Levada Center» According to the poll, only 15 percent of Russians consider what happened to Navalny as an attempt by the authorities to get rid of a political opponent. 30 percent are convinced that the incident was staged or that there was no poisoning at all, and 19 percent consider everything a provocation planned by Western intelligence services.

Alexey Roshchin: «Of course, they want to make Navalny persona non grata»

Social psychologist Alexei Roshchin agrees that they certainly want to make Navalny persona non grata. In his opinion, this is why the oppositionist is shown in every possible way that nothing good awaits him in Russia, so that he does not harbor any illusions on this score..

«This is one of the links in the chain of persecution and pressure on the head of the FBK, – the interlocutor emphasized «Voices of America». – Then a whole series of actions, informational stuffing, frank “fake news” and so on in relation to the oppositionist. In all this, the hand of those in power is clearly visible».

It seems that the Kremlin is finally changing its priorities, and they decided to drift towards the regime of Alexander Lukashenko, suggested Alexey Roshchin. «That is, to discard all the ceremony, European decency, stop pretending that some kind of legal political process is going on in the country, and simply «clear the clearing» under zero, – he specified. – So the top were scared of the events in brotherly Belarus. Accordingly, in this situation, the authorities in Russia do not need Navalny at all».

On the other hand, the Kremlin cannot directly ban him from entering the country, says a social psychologist.. «Because it will look almost like an admission that it is Moscow that is involved in the assassination attempt on the opposition leader. Therefore, now they will try not to wash, so by rolling to achieve their goal with the help of criminal cases, albeit sewn with white thread», – concluded by Alexey Roshchin.

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