After Impeachment: Challenges for Republicans and Democrats

Trump Acquitted In 2nd Impeachment Trial With 7 Republicans Voting To Convict | Sunday TODAY

Ex-President was acquitted in the Senate

After ex-US President Donald Trump was acquitted in a second impeachment trial, his future in politics remains uncertain. The impeachment was supported by 57 senators, including 7 legislators from the Republican Party, to which Trump belongs. However, 67 votes were required to find him guilty..

Trump was found not guilty of inciting violence against the US government after his supporters stormed into Congress on January 6, outraged by Trump’s false claims that Joe Biden stole his election victory.

The Democrats said Trump’s responsibility for this is clear. Seven Republicans agreed with them, but others said the evidence provided was insufficient..

Biden called for unity to «heal from this uncivilized war and heal the very soul of the country». According to him, the duty and responsibility of every American – defend the truth.

«This sad chapter in our history has reminded us of the fragility of democracy, that it must always be protected. That we must always be vigilant. That there is no place for violence and extremism in America, – he stated. – This is the challenge we face. A challenge we must solve together».

While welcoming his acquittal, Trump described the impeachment attempt as yet another «witch hunt».

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of the Democratic Party Names Republicans Who Voted Against Conviction, «cowards».

A joint Reuters / Ipsos poll found 71 percent of US adults and half of Republicans believe Trump is partially responsible for the unrest..

A man named Zach says he supports impeachment.

«[Trump] tried to destroy the very fragile electoral system we have and which has already suffered quite a lot», – he said.

Trump supporter Shell Reinish, however, thinks Congress is wasting time.

«Purpose of impeachment – it is the removal of the incumbent president from office. He no longer holds this position», – she said.

Polls Show Most Republicans Still Support Trump.

«In fact, 70 percent of Republicans believe Joe Biden was illegally elected president.», – said University of Virginia analyst Barbara Perry.

Republican leaders say it isn’t.

After Impeachment: Challenges for Republicans and Democrats

However, according to Perry, Trump supporters got the political decisions they wanted..

«They got tax cuts, relaxation of regulation, conservatives in federal courts, conservatives in the Supreme Court», – she pointed out. They also got an aggressive foreign policy and a tough line on border control issues..

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress need to face their own challenges..

«Democrats need to get us out of the COVID-19 pandemic and get the economy back on track, – said Brookings Institution analyst Elaine Kamark. – They need to do a fairly understandable job, and whatever the ideological differences in their party, they pale in comparison to the Republican Party.».

Trump enjoys the sympathy of his electoral base; at the same time, some of the Republicans condemn him, while the other only tolerates.

Kamark and her colleagues at the Brookings Institution admit a range of futures for Trump.

«From the fact that he will lead the Republican Party and win the presidential elections again in 2024, and ending with the fact that he ends up in prison or exile in Russia, Saudi Arabia or some other place», – she said.

Justified in Congress, Trump remains the target of many prosecutors due to his activities as a businessman.

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